What is Rifters?

Rifters is the first ever MOCERPG - Massive Online Community Event Role Playing Game

  • One of a kind game, defining a new Genre that can revolutionize gaming across multiple chains.

  • Participating DAOs battle each other and the world itself using their own NFT collections in game

  • This is a story based D&D like RPG with PVP and PVE elements

  • This is a Play to Earn game where players can mint completely unique items from in-game

  • This is a community event that will drive discussion and engagement for all player groups and DAOs involved

  • The Solana version has a $1,000,000 cash prize pool for the winning player / DAO for season 1. The Ethereum prize pool has not yet been determined as it is influenced by mint fundraising.

Rifters is the first major game being launched by C1 and leverages all of the power principles that make web3 gaming great. It is poised to change the world of gaming, not through advanced experience gameplay, but through the social mechanics of communities. Watch Ready Player One again and ask yourself this question, how much of this is based on society/community/competition and how much is about technology? This game can exist today when you realize that VR was simply the content form, not the key elements of engagement.

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