Mechanics and Concepts

NFTs: Playing Rifters: Kalinvale requires using an NFT as your player character. All of your progress is saved to that character. Items, Gold, Diamond, Progress, Trophies, Classes, Stats, Health, Energy, Faction, Effects, are all saved into the game system and accessed by ownership of the NFT. On Ethereum, you can use Outlanders, Bored Ape, Mutant Ape, Eth Lizard, CloneX, Squishy, Doodle, Azuki, CoolCat and some additional community NFTs that have not been chosen yet.

The power and stats of the different factions is based on the nature of the Collection, its floor price, and its community engagement.

Outlanders are loner underdogs and treated differently than the collection/DAO/Factions.

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