Combat occurs in two ways, with monsters and enemies during story mode, and PVP with other players. Story Combat - in many instances you will be able to choose to fight or not based on your confidence. When choosing to fight a monster, you often can try a trick, tactic, or special ability to alter conditions of combat. After choosing tactics, you are presented a tactical combat screen where you recieve 4 random “power up” cards you can assign to the stats you think are most beneficial in your combat. You also receive information as to your opponents top 4 stats. Combat is also greatly impacted by Critical Effects and Critical Weaknesses, which can make fights much easier or harder. Use a hammer or mace vs plate armor, use a sword against unarmored Goblins. Use fire magic vs Trolls. Use holy powers vs demons. PVP Combat - the mechanics are the same with two differences, you do not have an opportunity for a ‘tactic’ before your fight, and you have no information on your opponent when choosing power ups.

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