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Web3 gaming

Gaming is the largest form of entertainment in the world, larger than music, tv and movies combined.
Every game company knows Web3 gaming is the future . . .
But mostly they are struggling to find right model. Most believe the future is in ignoring Web3s current users and trying to ‘bridge’ into mainstream where the REAL users are, since Web3 degens don’t play games.
C1 rejects that philosophy. Most people in Web3 are gamers, in fact most PEOPLE are gamers. The reason that games have not had wide adoption in the NFT world is because of the type and quality of games. The nature of a Web3 gamer is different, he already has a community, he owns NFTs. Bring the game to the community, don't try and bring the player out of his community.
Using this philosophy C1 launched Solana Winter War, bringing a Dao war to 16 communities, and immediately had more players than the top 3 Solana games combined.