Outlanders and Companions

Outlanders (10,000): These heroes comes from 4 different factions. Outlanders have multiple utilities and some special types Playable Hero Generate Diamonds from staking Generate Clovers from staking Upgrade NFT: Stake to upgrade itself or an Exile into multiple types of more powerful characters Win solo: an Outlander can win the entire prize pool by themselves

Outlander Deathless (Grey Skin): These monstrosities are shunned even by their own faction. They are almost impossible to kill.

Outlander Dreamers (30): Dreamers can sway the game in any way they wish using Twitter. They are non-playable characters and cannot win the prize pool. They will become good or evil based on their actions.

Outlander Demon Lord (9): Demon Lords can curse and bless characters at their whim, they can grant wealth but also conspire to defeat the heroes. They are non-playable characters and win if the Heroes lose the game.

Outlander Necromancer (7): Necromancers can raise the dead . . .but they may not want to. They possess many powers . . . They are non-playable characters and win if the Heroes lose the game.

Outlander Smugglers(5) The Smuggler is can smuggle NFT items back and forth between different chains, taking advantage of very different economies. Outlander Shadow Dancers(20) The Shadow Dancers can assassinate other players, and steal from Smugglers.

2 Others : There are 2 other types of not yet revealed characters, each with very unique powers to influence the game Companions (5000) Companions are special character that gets attached and equipped into other characters. They increase the power of that other character and also unlock new storylines. Very few of these characters are available from Keys and few will be available during early gameplay.

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