Game Key Concepts

Diamonds: In-game currency earned primarily from PVP. Can also be granted by Demon Lords.

Gold: In-game currency used with merchant and during events

Energy: Used to adventure and travel Health: If a character is reduced to 0 health they are defeated

Survival: A character who is defeated can DIE permanently, sometimes. Survival stat helps avoid that.

Items: All items in game are unique and can be Minted onto the blockchain using Diamonds. Minted items can be traded or sold.

Trophies: Earned in game through successful adventuring. Unlocks new events, options, quests, skill, powers.

Classes: Earned through adventuring and training. You can have 2 classes and a special class combination. 72 options.

Factions/DAOs: A group using a single NFT collection and playing as a team against all other factions.

Gladiator Arena: A key PVP location where players face off, and the winning faction earns rewards for the factions. There are several other less important PVP locations, Diamond Mines, Gold Mines, 2 Farms.

Choices and Puzzles: Solving the PVE elements of the game will involve making many choices, and passing many challenges using your knowledge and the stats of your character

Combat: Can be done against monsters and other players, and uses many combat stats unique to each faction and all of the items you can collect.

Pacts: There will be many pacts offered within Discord to players and DAOs. These can be offered by dark powers, like Rift Lords, or by gods themselves. Be careful who you bargain with.

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