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Leprechauns Utilities

Stake for Clovers: Leprechauns will earn 500 Clovers a day if staked for three months, and 250 Clovers a day if staked for one month. 100 Clovers a day if staked for one day.
Earn More: Increased bid earnings, based on the number or rarity of Leprechauns. Three main types, Regular, Lucky Leprechauns (worth 2 Leprechauns), and Murderous Leprechauns (worth 3 Leprechauns)
A Leprechaun: +2% of the outbid total and +2% of the overbid total. This is approximately 20% more than others earn from being outbid during a DVM min, or a Dynamic Value Auction.
Additional Leprechauns: Owning more Leprechauns (or increased rarity), increases your earnings. 1 is 2%/2%
2 is 2.5%/2.5%
3 is 3%/3%
4 is 3.25%/3.25%
5 is 3.5%/3.5%
6 is 3/75%/3.75%
7 is 4%/4%
17 is 5%/5% (each Leprechaun above 7 adds .1% and .1% up to a maximum of 5%/5%)
Share of the Door: Leprechauns earn 50% of Door rewards after each mint while staked. The total sum of SOLspent on Doors would be divided by 2, then divided among Leprechaun holders based on the number of Leprechauns.
Lucky Leprechauns count as two Leprechauns for Bid Earnings and receive a double payout from Doors.
Murderous Leprechauns count as three Leprechauns for Bid Earnings and receive a triple payout from Doors.
Common Leprechauns will be capable of murdering and burning multiple Leprechauns ETH NFTs to upgrade to a Murderous Leprechaun. Because that's how they roll. (The opposite will also be true) Exclusive Dao: Golden Gambit's mission is to deliver value back to its members in any form or way possible. Bringing investment and revenue-sharing opportunities for every holder.