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  • When you go to claim an NFT you are presented with 5 Doors, one is revealed and 4 concealed.
  • You can reveal more doors for a small fee paid for with crypto or Clover.
  • You may select any Door for your NFT, whether it's revealed or not.
  • You only have 5 minutes to decide which NFT you will claim since those NFTs are reserved for you for that time.
  • Unselected NFTs are revealed and then returned to the pool.
  • You select an NFT during this 5-minute window then an NFT will be randomly selected from the Doors currently revealed.
  • Will the probability of things change over the mint? No - a randomizer will select the rarity of NFTs presented, that randomizer will remain the same for the whole duration.
  • You are not getting a random NFT from the whole collection, you are getting an X % of Common, Y% of Uncommon, Z% of Rare, ZX% of Legendary.
  • The pool of NFTs is set up to support the whole mint.