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Claiming NFTs -The Treasure Room

When claiming NFTs you will have the option to lock/stake that NFT to have an increase in the rarity chance. This increased rarity system will be optional for each project launching on GG, and the actual stake/lock period and the increase in rarity will be determined by each project individually.
How can this math balance out? First, we have a reserve set with an increased number of special rare/legendary characters. This is an inflated number to cover doors and increase chances. After the mint is completed, the entire remaining reserve will be set to commons.
Example: You can stake and lock for two weeks to increase the chance of a Rare or Legendary from 1% to 1.2% per NFT, you can see.
In Practice on ETH: You choose to stake and lock for 2 weeks, and every NFT in every door goes from 1% to 1.2% chance of rare or legendary. When you select your NFT, it is transferred to your wallet in a CUSTODIAL Stake. Meaning you can’t see it directly, like when listed or staked. You will still be able to see it via contract or in the DVM treasure room. After two weeks, it will unlock and appear in your wallet automatically. The NFT will still be playable and generate rewards while it is locked.
In Practice on SOL: Works the same, except it's a Non-Custodial stake/lock. Meaning you will see it in your wallet but be unable to sell or transfer it. It's important to understand that the decision to stake/lock for increased rarity needs to be made BEFORE you are presented with the choice of Doors.
Last modified 9mo ago